Summer Essentials Part 1: Shades

Summer is finally here (thank God)!! As for me, sunglasses can  always be found in my purse, however with the summer coming, this piece of accessory is highly important and impossible to live without. They can give you Rock-star cool or a Kim Kardashian glamour, but they are more than just a fashion accessory. When choosing a pair of sunglasses first of all, pay attention to their capacity to safeguard your eyes against UV lights, look for complete UVA/UVB Protection; secondly choose the right hue, go for darker color since it helps to minimize color distortion; thirdly consider the quality of the lenses. Remember- investment pays off 😉 Last but not least, we are talking fashion, therefore you have to be attentive with the fit. Consider your face shape in choosing the right sunglasses! 
Stay healthy, as well as pretty in style!
Always willing to help,
BUntitled #20

Black sunglasses
€18 –

Prada cat-eye glasses
€375 –

Cat eye sunglasses
€8,19 –

Persol sunglasses
€330 –

Quay black sunglasses
€37 –


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